Warehouse LED high bay

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    LED Module High Bay Light-specially designed for warehouse&workshops


    Philips LED chips-60W to 240W wattage option-130lm per wattage

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                   Aluminum alloy with robust structure

                    Linear Shape for wide lighting distribution

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    Flexible options for wattage from 60W to 240W for different wattage application

  • HYSPECTRUM LHB shelf warehouse high bay light installation options:


    Easy Installation with ground installation, ceiling installation, wall installation, and pendant installation.

  • Multiple-Function photometric Beam Angle 6 types’ Options: 


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Specially Designed High Rack Warehouse Led High Bay Light

Area & Outdoor 130lm per wattage LED High Bay Flood Light 60W-240W


Product Model: 

Product Type: 


Rated Voltage:

Max. Working Voltage:

Led Chips-Led Driver:

Lumen Output:

IP Level-IK Level:



Shelf & Rack  Warehouse Led High bay Light








100~240V AC

100~300V AC

Philips 3030  

 Meanwell Driver

130 lm per wattage



Product Features:

The fixture body is designed with linear shape, high quality aluminum, robust fixture structure, equipped with led chips Philips 3030 with high efficiency, overload protection, output short circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, apply for meanwell driver for  stable performance.

The product is with a wide range of beam options, and one of the features is that this led is the best lighting solution for the rack & shelf warehouse lighting application by the application of the 30X70D beamangle options, for others beams like 70X135D or Type III with 70X150D beam angels could be used for outdoor street or parking lot areas lighting, with the 30/90/110D beam options could be used for highbay light application based on different mounting height, overall this is a type of multi-fuctional led light that is suitable for indoor or outdoor application, such as warehouse, workshop, wall lighting, gymnasiums, tollgate, outdoor area lighting etc. 

The fixture designed with up to 130 lm energy efficient, bright and uniform, without glare or flicker  while with high CRI 80, providing  the excellent lighting experience.

Photometric Beam Options:


Beam Angle options: 30°/30*70°/90°/110°/70*135°/70*150°

 Attention to your rack & shelf warehouse lighting Performance Quality:

Based on almost most of the existing lighting application, a type of highbay with like 40/90/110(120D) beam angles would be usually applied into the warehouse lighting application, but taking a warehouse with higher shelves, for this type of shelf warehouse lighting application, a special beam angle for a led highbay shall be designed to better fulfill an ideal quality lighting performance for the shelf warehouse where the sufficient lighting brightness with better uniformity shall be fully utilized instead of the lighting distribution from a led highbay with 40~120D beam is wasted due to these beam angles limitations.

Here is a project example for a shelf warehouse such as 10 meters high shelves, and the installation height for the light  is 15 meters, we could tell that the 30X70D of our high rack warehouse LED high bay light is the best solution for the shelf warehouse lighting application instead of like 40D or 90D etc.



Product Specification:

LED   ChipsPhilips 3030Philips 3030Philips 3030Philips 3030Philips 3030Philips 3030Philips 3030
Luminous Efficacy130lm/w130lm/w130lm/w130lm/w130lm/w130lm/w130lm/w
LED   Driver Meanwell or equivalentMeanwell or equivalentMeanwell or equivalentMeanwell or equivalentMeanwell or equivalentMeanwell or equivalentMeanwell or equivalent
Protection   LevelIP65 and IK08IP65 and IK08IP65 and IK08IP65 and IK08IP65 and IK08IP65 and IK08IP65 and IK08
Beam   Angle30/90/110/70*135/70*150
Input   Voltage100~240VAC-Maximum   input voltage range is 100V~300VAC
Power   Factor> 0.95> 0.95> 0.95> 0.95> 0.95> 0.95> 0.95
Dimming OptionsNon-dimming,   0-10V,PWM, Resistance,   Dali
Fixture     MaterialsAluminum Die   Cast  with Optic PC cover
Dimension(mm)345*145*110 645*145*110 645*145*110 645*145*110935*145*110935*145*1101235*145*110
InstallationGround,   Ceiling, Wall, Pendant Installation

Installation Tips:




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